Hunters Race is a curated collection of the finest timepieces designed in Auckland, New Zealand.
Owned and operated by Father and Son, Scott and Jack Ramsay.

Amongst our travels together around the world, we came across a place like no other. A hidden gem in West Sussex. A Beautiful street. With Ancient Roman ruins buried in the fields on the left and a modern solar energy plant in the fields on the right. ‘Hunters Race’ acting as the threshold between the ancient and the modern world. With our passion for watches and design, we wanted to replicate this threshold with our timepieces. The name ‘Hunter’ has been passed down generations in our family and makes our brands name even more significant.

Myself having grown up around watches, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with them. Being a Spatial design student and a freelance artist, It all came together nicely. We thrive to produce meticulously designed timepieces with a combination of traditional and modern materials.

My Father having had over thirty years experience in the watch industry, sees to it that our watches are of the highest quality, along with providing a very professional service.

We are Hunters Race